Travel is more vocation than profession to everyone at AHI. We make dreams come true. If you could see the staff kitchen at our headquarters, it would tell you something about our commitment to travelers. One wall is covered with their letters, reminding all of us, every time we grab a cup of coffee, of what we do well, how we can repeat those achievements with future trips and just how profoundly we affect our clients' lives.

We treasure those letters, for they helped us develop the AHI Travel Promise:

We promise to remember we are here for you, because of you, and will always make going above your expectations our top priority. We will take care of you from start to finish with kindness and competency. You will encounter people and cultures in a comfortable environment within a structure that adds a positive dimension to your experience.

Here are some other ways we are committed to you:

  • A willingness to see what is possible is part of the AHI culture. Whether it is someone who wants to join a tour at the last minute, find the gravesite of their great grandfather in a tiny town near the tour route or something we haven't thought of yet, we’ll try our utmost to make it happen.
  • Personal involvement shapes every aspect of a tour. AHI company leaders Brian, Joe and Rick Small are involved in planning every tour. In fact, at least one of them stays in the hotels, eats in the restaurants and visits every site (they keep copious notes, such as the number of cathedral steps a traveler must climb!) long before any client goes on a trip.
  • Attention to detail makes each trip a work of art. We start planning each trip at least two years in advance and have visited every component at least 2-3 times before our travelers get on an airplane.
  • Travel is subject to Murphy's Law, but you won’t know it. Not many travel companies admit this one. We always have alternatives planned ahead and rely on our seasoned travel directors and headquarters staff should an emergency arise. You invest your valuable travel funds with us, and we make sure you are well taken care of in return.
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